Monday, June 13, 2011

Movie Madness - Tree of Life

I didn't get it. Maybe it's because I'm so doped up on allergy meds due to the smokey air around here these days and all of the coughing and blowing and dosing off I did in the dark that I missed something. All I know is if it wasn't for my hilarious movie madness mavens next to me, I wouldn't have made it through. Was it a movie about a family? Was it a National Geographic documentary? There were moments I felt like I was at an IMAX or on the Soaring Over California ride at Disneyland. Yes, the photography was amazing. The other parts, the non-oceanic, non-wilderness, non-big bang, beginning of time illustrations were good, too. Brad Pitt, come on. Perfect. His lovely wife and kids. Ditto. Sean Penn. Great, great. But we were supposed to decipher the difference between following nature or following God but instead of getting the answer, all we could think about what when it would be over.

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