Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Roller Coaster

We never met and I already miss him. A half an hour outside of Phoenix, we found out our friend's fiance was in the hospital. It was serious when we got the text in the back seat on the I-10 and it got worse as the days passed. We discovered he was the greatest guy. Funny. Loving. Life of the party. Hard working. Dependable. A smart ass. A great dad. There was a heart problem in the past. Some trips to the doctor last week. The unconscious state until now with test after test, a room full of rotating loved ones as we got short updates while hoping for the best, feeling guilty to be at the beach, wanting our friend to be there to help. As of now he will be taken off of life-support. He's only 36. Our girls' weekend kept circling back to him. And back to the love of his life. Another amazing person. Lives life to the fullest. Raises an incredible son. Runs a great school. All after losing the last man in her life. Years ago, her husband died suddenly. Unbelievably, at 36, making this all so much more surreal. We cried. We laughed. We surrounded each other and turned a once in nineteen years trip into something different. Something bigger than us. A big, fast, scary, upside-down roller coaster of emotions, pushing in a lot of old stuff, too, and praying that if we keep our arms held in, preferably wrapped around each other, somehow, someday, we will all land safely.

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