Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pacific Beach

One, big, bad Maamajaama girls' trip. Sun, surf, sand, sunscreen, smiles, secrets, sunburns, happy hours, jingle bell ankle bracelets,
crystal stones, tripel, tripel, tripels on the patio, to-gos on the beach, liquor pig awards, reason, season or lifetime, Jersey Girl Arm Wrestling Contest, too old for bad alcohol, coffee (scoops and a click, click), check in on the kids, notes to the husbands, circles, new bar friends, ups and downs, Mad Dog's Brenda,
 making our own rules, breaking our own rules, Lenny Kravitz, Morgan Freeman and Yul Brenner and this guy,
bacon and eggs, the blondes are goin' down, so are the high-maintenance girls,
CVS, missing Yuma, Candy Ass turned Bad Ass, Pansies, only one broken bottle, car in garage, a couple of scrapes for proof and can't forget the Red Baron and Red Vines.

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