Friday, June 17, 2011

The Shawn Parade

Driving to work with Shawn can be downright depressing. He's a grump. While I on the other hand am a sparkling morning delight. Chattering away. Singing. Talking back to Beth and Friends. He's a "let's just get to work and get it over with" kind of guy, but once I get him in the building he kicks it into gear, turning on the charm with the patients, making me think maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm not worth charming anymore. Lately I've had to put on my nurse/receptionist/phone operator elf hat as my usual crew has rotated in and out, getting their kids' new summer schedules in place. It forces me to be bubbly. Positive. Charming. Then I realized maybe that's why Shawn saves his up on the ride in. Saves it for the people who need it. And as I sit there watching and listening to the parade of people flowing by my window, the parade on the phone, the parade of other doctor's notes on the fax, praising Shawn, telling me how wonderful he is, what a life-saver, literally, I start to think that maybe I can do without a little charm every now and then. So on the way home, somehow now with a shiny halo around his head, Mr. Grump quietly listened as I told him what a great job he did today, how everybody truly appreciates the dedication, the extra miles, the brain power and the hard work. I told him that he's making a difference. Then he turned to me and smiled.


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