Friday, June 24, 2011

Splendid Scottsdale

Happy Birthday to Scottsdale. Sixty years of splendid bliss. Started the party with some old (but way below 60) neighborhood friends at Kitchen 56, which looked like this back in the day,
but now it's a hip new gathering joint

 where we reminisced with some old photos of our own - trips to Disneyland, San Diego, Tijuana, prom shots, pool parties and keg parties in shag carpeted family rooms all over town. Even dug up this seems like 60 years ago wet-haired, bikini-clad gem.
We played the remember whens, the what's his names, the where are they nows and the ones that got aways. Analyzed the gay vs. straight dilemma right as NY was legalizing gay marriage (way to go NY!)
and tried to come up with some regrets - not many.
Kept the celebration going with a trip to SMOCA A Splendid Night at SMOCA and teamed-up to push through the packed partiers at the museum bar to ponder some pretty wild art.

Times are a changing, but hopefully some things never will.

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