Friday, June 24, 2011

86 cents

It's all about the cup. Circle K got rid of all their wimpy cups and added the "Froster" a few months ago. It's Styrofoam. It's a total environment killer and I whisper a little "I'm sorry" to Al Gore whenever I buy one. Which is often. Like several times a week. I'm addicted. The cup. The caffeine. The better tasting Diet Pepsi out of a fountain. The cool carbonation sounds. The good ice. The community. It costs 86 cents with tax and the thing lasts me all day. I take the change out of my change cup in the cupboard so I can minimize the addiction issue, dropping the coins in my new Circle K friends' hands and running out the door, sometimes cutting in front of others because I am now a regualr, as my car idles with my carpooler outside. I make sure to recycle the cup and have tried to step up my reduce global warming efforts in other areas. The other day I made Shana wait until after 9pm to start the washing machine. She said, "How much money could we possibly be saving?" I explained that it's not about the money, please, it's about being a good citizen of the earth. But then I thought, hopefully it's more than 86 cents.

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