Sunday, February 13, 2011

C-bi Spring Fling

Just like Fashion Week in New York, we were all spruced up as the ultimate C-bi Consultant, Ronnie, threw a smashing fashion show today under a cool, sunny sky, complete with Champagne with raspberries, chocolate and oh yeah, models, models, models. They kept coming, dancing to the runway tunes, making the incredible clothes come to life, giving us all some great ideas, some huge wish lists, lots to think about, like the nonchalant ruffle, the convertible sleeve, the asymmetrical top, the investment shopping, the Closet Audit, the nautical nod, the military salute, the big, big, big, bigger than I've ever seen hook and eye, the bummer bomber, the cowboy boots, the jewelry, the stylist, the fishnets, the how does that lady get her butt to look like that?, the cheeky bartender, the sitting at the bad-girl table, about to get sent to the Principal's office, but in awe of how somebody cranks up a new career so fast, so professionally, with attention paid to every single teeney tiny little rose-petal-on-the-table detail. Amazing. And so are the clothes. Let me know if you need some.


  1. Investment shopping?

  2. Yep! Haven't you heard about that one at your house yet?