Thursday, February 3, 2011


I'm in love!! Madrid is amazing. The architecture, the people, the art, the food, the streets, the plazas, everything, just amazing. Shana's great, too! Nothing to worry about there, Mom. She's been showing us around, talking up a storm to everybody in her mile-a-minute Spanish. Above is the famous Metropolis building. We've been to the Prado, the Sofia museum, all over town, up and down the Gran Via, shopping in all the hip neighborhoods, took a fun tapas tour, staying out way past our bedtimes. We even went to a ham museum (museo de jamon). These people are serious about their ham! Yesterday we took the high speed train to Toledo (toe-lay-dough, not like the one in Ohio) and saw an incredible cathedral and a synagogue and some medieval castles surrounded by a moat as the sun went down - stunning. After three nights in Madrid, we're heading to Alcala tonight where Shana attends school. Her host family has invited us over for a paella dinner tonight - yum! We'll tag along with Shana to school on Monday to see everything she is learning. Adios!

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