Monday, February 21, 2011


OK, enough. Leave Oscar alone. First you take a balanced budget and a surplus and f--- it up by giving all the treasure to a few rich people. Then you start a couple of ungodly expensive wars, killing, maiming and PTSD-ing hundreds of thousands of people. Then you look the other way as banks, oil, insurance and pharmaceutical companies rake it in, laying off millions, making it impossible for so many to pay the mortgage and the medical bills as we drive around town watching more and more empty storefronts and "Bank Owned" signs pop up everywhere. Then you tell a bunch of teachers in Wisconsin to pay their fair share and shut up. Pay their fair share? Fine. Shut up? Never. Then you applaud as the Supreme Court granted permission for the corporations to buy your elections, a nice, K-Street sponsored Senate seat, a soft Lazy-Boy Tea Party chair in the House, a cushy Governorship complete with a mansion and "socialized" health care included. No questions asked, no peeking allowed. Now you want to shut down Planned Parenthood. Keep all the little ladies barefoot and pregnant. Next up, NPR. No more Click and Clack? Is this really about the budget? How much does Murdoch send in every April? Huh? Then there's Sesame Street. Close Sesame Street? Seriously? These are the only places we can go without hearing Wal-Mart and Chase and McDonald's and Chevron yelling at us. We need some help, Oscar. Please. Go get Big Bird. Mr. Snuffleupagus, too.

Time to turn up the grouch.

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