Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Book Club - East of Eden

During some drunken girls' trip fest we voted to throw in some classics every now and then. I had forgotten what an incredible book East of Eden is. The suspense, the intrigue, all the secrets, the good vs. evil (do we all have some of each in us?), the meaning of life - is it to acquire fame and wealth or to surround yourself with people that love you for who you are so that nobody says when you're gone, "I'm glad that son of a bitch is dead." We got to see America grow up. The farming, the industry, the railroads, the wars. There were lots of dreams, love, passion, whorehouses, churches, bars, books, big dinner tables, sibling rivalry, heartbreak and at least one definition of happiness - a good night's sleep and a good trip to the bathroom. Can just one person in your life prop you up? Bring out the good and keep the evil at bay? Maybe if we all had a Lee in our lives, our own personal Chinese servant who knows it all and sees it all, lets all the secrets out at just the right time.

So...tonight at Lee(sa)'s, East of Hayden. Bring on the drama.

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