Saturday, February 26, 2011

March On

Something's gotta give. It breaks my heart to see thousands of people marching in Wisconsin, fighting for their jobs, fighting for the right to negotiate, fighting for fairness, fighting against the corporations taking over. As a parent of a college student set to graduate next year, I worry about her. Will she be able to find a job? Will Wal-Mart be the only company left hiring at minimum wage with no benefits? Will she have to fight for that? Just yesterday I had to call USAir and American Express. Both massive companies with a large presence here in town, huge buildings with plenty of space to put a nice, local recent college grad. But no. I spoke to people all the way over in India. Meanwhile the Middle East is falling apart. Have our corporations had anything to do with encouraging any of those regimes? Would it be so that we can get cheap gas for our big SUVs or buy a new shirt made in China that just spent 17 hours flying over the Pacific burning up fuel so we can save a few bucks while The Gap pockets the change? As a small business owner in the health care field all I see are the insurance companies and the drug companies making all of the decisions. Pay more, get less. Is that fair? I'm not anti-profit, but it seems that we are moving toward a country and a government ruled by corporations rather than people. It's time to speak up.

So head downtown. March. Save the American Dream. 

Phoenix Rally on Saturday from 12 - 2. Save the American Dream
Phoenix Capital

1700 W Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Hosted by Susan Hall
Description Arizona has been hit with lawsuits, boycotts and draconian budget cuts. It's time to let leaders know that we are taxpaying law abiding citizens who contribute to our state's revenue stream. And in return we get repeal of health care reform, draconian immigration laws, tax cuts for the rich, defunding planned parenthood, numerous lawsuits, et al. Time for the middle class to stand up to the oppressive regime that's trying to annihilate us. As we say in Arizona, "Revolution Now! It's too hot in the summer."

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