Monday, February 14, 2011

La Pelicula Mania - Biutiful

Missed Movie Madness last week and went to Spanish class in Alcala with Shana instead. The topic of the day - movies! Peliculas! We learned all about directors and actors and theaters and plot and even how to say popcorn. Her instructor was an incredible young woman and she spoke so beautifully. Sometimes I get too used to the gangsta Mexican/Spanish "Spanglish" version of the language we hear here everyday and forget that true espanol is just plain musical. I know why the English must cringe when they hear us speak. Several times during class we came back around to Javier Bardem, Spain's most famous, at the moment, actor. On a side note, after putting jet-lagged Shawn to bed Thursday night in Madrid, Shana and I hit the town, searching for the restaurant owned by the actor's family, La Bardemcilla. We must have arrived way too early (before 9) and the place was dead. We did see a cute picture of Javier on the wall, but then moved on to find a less quiet joint. We walked a bit and found a great tapas bar. There was a couple sitting next to us that could barely keep their hands off each other (these Spaniards are passionate folks) but as the rest of the place filled up, we realized we were in Gaytown. It's hip to be gay in Spain. Several years ago gay marriage became legal. So, thanks to Movie Man, Javier, for leading us to the fun part of town and to Shana's profesora for giving us a valuable cine lesson. Now I want to go back and see some more.

The next best thing is the beautiful Javier Bardem in Biutiful. Wow. What a film. Pelicula. Horrific at times, cross your fingers, pray, heart racing, shut your eyes and say please, please, please just let one thing work out for this guy. In the end, it does.

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