Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Alcala de Henares

Shana is going to school in Alcala, a picturesque little town about 20 miles from Madrid. Here is the center of town - Plaza de Cervantes (Cervantes was born here). She is living with a family - Mom, Dad and 27 year old daughter. They invited us over for dinner at their apartment for a night of paella. They have had dozens of students over the years. Seems like all of these American kids prop up the economy pretty well, some even providing the family's only source of income. We all got along great and they seem to adore Shana.
Some new friends - the storks. They sound like flamenco dancers and the way they looked at that crane is probably the same way Don Quixote looked at the windmills.

Stayed at Husa El Bedel, totally quaint, right off San Diego Plaza.

Art and library at the really cool Parador.

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