Monday, December 27, 2010

Movie Madness - Little Fockers

What the Fock? After about a minute with the Fockers you knew it was going to be a long two hours. But after only one, I figured that by the time they wrapped up all the loose ends about the Early Human School and the ex-lover Prudence, the job at the hotel with the pretty drug rep and all the family secrets just spilled to the urologists, the watery hole in the backyard, the dad's heart condition, Kevin's never-dying love for Pam, the twins' birthday party, the sex therapist mother-in-law, the genealogy tree, the Ferrari rental car, the son's lactose intolerance problems and the daughter's silent treatment resolution, I could be getting a lot of work done at the office. So I said good-bye to the gang, picked up my brand new cup and left.

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