Sunday, December 19, 2010

Double Take

My mother-in-law checked me out today. She liked what she saw. I'm nowhere near Shakira, Shakira - my hips don't lie - of course and never will be, but I recently squeezed into some marked down, on sale for $25 bucks CAbi jeans, size 8 (which is really a size 10 in CAbi years) and have noticed people doing the double take. I have a friend that causes about 99% of heads to turn when she walks into a room, and after dropping twenty pounds, I've been noticing about a 2-3% average lately, like a guy at the gas station the other day and a lady who said something about my jacket on Saturday. Maybe I'll start wearing a bikini around town and shaking my thing like Shakira or wheel a little wagon full of lard behind me to see if I can up my percentage.

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