Saturday, December 4, 2010

Totally Bananas

The Weight Watchers meeting this morning was a friggin' zoo. The new PointsPLUS system is here and the line was out the door, people stessed out, anxious, shaking. Counting calories is now out, carbs are in. Fruit's free, have as many bananas as you want, go for it, but guacamole and that second glass of wine? Better just push it away. And it wasn't just crazy in little 'ol Scottsdale, either. Big fancy NYC is freaking out, too. We all got new books, new points allowances, new iphone apps and new calculators. Our fearless leader, Stephanie, explained it all, walked us through slowly, asked for some patience (even Mr. Chatty Cathy guy in his up front teacher's pet seat kept his mouth shut the whole time). We figured it out. We were sent home to read up on the changes, but first, buy all the new WW paraphernalia and lose, lose, lose. Stephanie always says, "See ya'll lighter next week!"

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