Monday, December 27, 2010

I Got Cupped

Leave it to Amy to squeeze in something new and different. After what would pass as a full day in my suburban life, she dragged me into Zen Reflexology, a little place in my hood that I've walked by dozens of times without even noticing. We signed up for foot reflexology, hot stone massages and cupping (the place is cheap, cheap, cheap, too! - here's a coupon). Amy described a day during a trip to Vietnam when she was very sick with a fever and her guide put her on the back of his mo-ped and took her to get cupped. Fever gone. Just like that. Cupping is an ancient remedy for all that ails us. By heating the air in glasses and placing them on your back, the glass sort of sucks on, bringing toxins up and out and circulating blood to provide healing. You end up looking like this...
with lots of massive hickie-like spots, but that's just part of the fun. I had a pain in my back from twisting and picking up the turkey platter the wrong way on Christmas Day (cooking is just a bad idea all around) and thought cupping would help. The sound of the fire in the glasses, then the sound of the glasses clicking together was very cool, definitely not your typical massage. The hot stones and foot reflexology were great, as well. But the Turkey Twister pain is still there, so maybe I need to go back for another cup or two.

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