Friday, December 3, 2010


The stars were out at the Scottsdale Waterfront tonight as the Flamenco dancers clicked their fingers to the guitars and drums and the tapas and paella and flan and sangria and a coconut filled with white chocolate mousse just kept coming at the long overdue Sullivan/Spence double date extravaganza. I don't know the whole story, but one of our old faves Tapas Papa Frita shut down years ago and has reopened in the 'hood. The food was so amazing that Shawn fell off the vegetarian-only, eat for your blood type diet wagon and partook of some incredible red snapper and crab. I can't believe he sat this close to some juicy looking lamb without diving in as the rest of us dove in to stories about paratroopering and saving the world from the enemies and leaving the childhood bubbles and venturing into strange new lands and the traveling and the Monte Carlo cars and gambling and famous last words and don't forget the kids and closer to home adventures like what would life be like without our morning caffeine. Probably pretty boring, just like life without fun friends. Ole!

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