Friday, September 3, 2010

Road Trip

Ronnie the Road Warrior gathered the gang for a road trip to San Diego. After loading up the wine, the parasols, the luggage and a quick stop at Walgreen's for some hormones
we headed west. First on the list was The Book Club's premiere song and dance, featuring Annie Lennox's Missionary Man, our little gift to the bride and groom, but especially for the MOB extraordinaire Laurel. We did a little SUV choreography - to the right, to the left, turn, turn, turn, then BAM! the "Laurel" followed by climb the tree, do the monkey, the Macarena
 (practicing here at a rest stop with our new friend) then the finale - money, money, money. We pulled in to town just in time for a little more rehearsal time, unpacked the important stuff

then off to the party for our performance.

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