Sunday, September 26, 2010

Party on the Porch

Slumber party, Little Women in the loft, morning hike, hot rod car show

Farm Frau French Toast, mimosa, poinsettia - yum yum
Art fair - shop 'til you drop
Dragonfly negotiations

Taco night, new Grand Canyon ruler - Cecily bday, Apples to Apples - did you say Melodrama? Who us

Septic tank rule (discovered the hard way) if it's yellow, let it mellow, if it's brown, flush it down - shitty weekend ideas...protest the poop, the Maddie Potty (pronounced mawdy pawdy), the Jeannine Latrine.

Stoup and Salad night, pie, pie, pie, do you think we have enough alcohol? Another day, another lawsuit. Ditch the minivan. Don't need therapy with this crowd. Wash to the possible. The sweet Black Pearl ride. The Bling Belt. Car parade - move the cooler, lady - throw the candy, vroom, vroom, vroom. War and Peace on the nightstand. War and Peace downstairs. Manipulate the tractor. Life isn't fair. Tears for Fears. Meatloaf - will you love me forever? Just call me Racquel. Renee. Ann. Jennifer. Joop. Merry.

Rotating Divas - one in the chair, two on the rock, three in the car, four on the couch, five in the loft, six on the road, seven on the floor, eight in the sun, nine at the table - hold hands, say a prayer. Amen.  Thank God for the bookclub.

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  1. Looks like fun! Well, maybe except for that septic tank thing...