Monday, September 13, 2010

The Get Low List

A little something to ponder...

After a Movie Madness viewing of the great film Get Low (about a man who wanted to celebrate his life and have his funeral before he died - to "get low" is to be buried, to get six feet under, not Getting Low on the dance floor, although there has been a lot of that lately) and a recent ten hour long Diva road trip to San Diego, some of us decided that we should spread the word about what we want to happen to us when we're gone. We figure that our husbands, significant others and children probably aren't the best ones to handle these things - that it's the girlfriends that need to know. Plus, the pre-getting low party sounded like so much fun.

Remember - It's not about the dates on the tombstone - it's all about the dash.

So...give the following questions some thought, write down answers somewhere.

Buried or cremated?
Where would you like to be buried/ashes spread?
Religious (or not) requirements?
What type of funeral/wake/ceremony do you envision?
Theme song (what would be playing in a movie if you suddenly appeared onscreen?)

I'll go first...

Camelback Mountain
Or not
Went to one in Bali once that would be perfect.
U2 One

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