Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Little Wedding Poem

Announcement: Wildwood wedding
Boulders up mountain, under tree of love, prayed, promised
Curtains for a dress, wrapped a beautiful bride
Dad, Mom, Dad, Mom, Dad, date
Ethical Anthropology
Fertility Goddess on dance floor
Gambled on love, pushed the button
Harbor dance for two, surrounded, surrounded, alone
I will
Jared loves Sophie
Kneeled at the tree
Lavender peanut butter
Missionary Man Mambo - to the right, to the left, turn, turn, turn, to the right, to the left, turn, turn, turn
Nazarene nuptials
Passion, but not yet…wait
Questions answered, yes, yes
Reality rendezvous, ten weeks
Sparklers rainbowed get-away car
Thor said, “I heard you were the wild one.”
Unglued DJ shaking, eighties bop, drop
Vodka-hooched Crystal Light
World around honeymoon
X-rayed hearts, beating strong
Yellow shoes, yellow ties, daisies
Zero regrets, tears, perfection

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