Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall Equinox Labyrinth Meditation

I hate to get all woo woo here, but I met a really cool lady, Taffy, while working on a film in Cave Creek this summer. She lives in a geodesic dome house and goes around the world building labyrinths. She has an amazing one in her backyard, out in the desert, mountains and Palo Verde trees all around. Tonight she hosted a Labyrinth Meditation at sunset to celebrate the Fall Equinox. That's when the day and the night are exactly the same number of minutes. She talked about the changing atmosphere and the upcoming full moon next Thursday. She said that there will be another one in October (a "blue moon") and that the specific time for the equinox will be 9/22 at 8:09pm. We all walked the labyrinth in silence, except for the incredible sound of a massive gorgeous gong being played. My fingers were vibrating as I walked because of the sound. I've been through several labyrinths but never really saw how it related to life. I got the meditative part, the part that you just have to walk and there's nothing to think about because if you just stay on the path, you'll eventually get to the end. But tonight I saw it for the metaphors. The boundaries that we set for ourselves. We make our own lives as easy or as difficult as they are, the paths as wide or as narrow as we want, we can race through or take our time, take short cuts or make it count, let others move easily by or stand in their way. We all surrounded the labyrinth at the end and held hands and oommmmed and hugged, all very Sunday churchy churchy and, as a wise woman (hi Leslie G!) once said, very The moon was bright, coyotes howling, torches flaming and a million stars shining over us. Pretty cool.

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