Tuesday, December 22, 2009

You're grounded

When you're grounded, you can rest.

Usually Mary starts out with a nice quote at the beginning of yoga, a little poem, something to sort of set the tone, give us something to think about for the rest of the class. But tonight, she skipped it. Just lit the candles, turned off the lights and started in. But somewhere near the end, as we were trying to balance like trees, she said it. When you're grounded, you can rest. Literally she meant, plant your feet into the mat, breathe, steady, don't fall. Metaphorically, screw your head on straight, use common sense, be reasonable and life will be easier, breathe, steady, don't fall.

As we were doing our last pose, the book came out and Mary gave us our wisdom, something about the Winter Solstice, our heart fire, the light within, the three sticks of wood representing the bad parts of the past, the future and hopes for mankind that we throw into the flame, blah, blah, blah. I'd usually be all over that, of course, but it was the unplanned, unread Mary quote that kept coming back.

When you're grounded, you can rest.