Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Well, at least the President around here...Shawn...he just keeps getting better and better!!

There were lots of little treats throughout the day then din din at Fogo De Chao, pronounced Fogo De show, not Fogo De chow, but it is truly a Show of Chow. Adorable Brazilian guys with their cute accents wearing gaucho pants circle around in a theatrical way displaying their offerings - filet mignon, lamb, chicken, garlic beef, pork ribs, it just keeps coming and coming. My Atkins diet, meat-eating he-man even got dizzy from all the protein fogodechao and although a vegetarian seems pretty out of place in this place, the unbelievable salad bar, Brazilian mojitos and just watching Shawn get all Fred Flintstone made for one big happy, happy birthday show.

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