Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I must have been dreaming, because when I woke up at 3 I thought I was in the middle of a bowl of crab lump au gratin.  There was a place in Norfolk/Virginia Beach a lifetime ago that had it - thick, cheesy, tons of big, sweet lumps of crab. Newly married and mostly left standing alone on the pier as Shawn the sailor boy floated away, I had to wait for some visiting relative to take me to the way over my budget restaurant on the water to get my fix. Maybe it was because I was scheduled to have lunch with one of those relatives today at noon, my Dad (Old Wildcat to you blogger friends), that the crab lump au gratin came up. It's the only thing my unconscious could come up with to describe my sleeping situation. Ever since Lotus got sick, the middle of the night activities around here are totally askew. Last night, Lotus took Cali's old spot above Shawn's head and Lulu settled in by my feet, as usual. But when I tried to turn over at 3, Lotus was smashed into my head, big-heavy-not-gonna-move-lump. I moved my foot and felt an even bigger lump, Lulu, then, thinking maybe I could flip the other way, I felt something between my knees. I separated my head from Lotus to look down and spotted the third lump, Cali. Everybody's sleeping but me.

Now I'm crabby.

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  1. Cat au gratin? Be careful what you dream.