Saturday, December 5, 2009

Las Noches de las Luminarias

Walked around in the dark with the girls at DBG.  It was a cold, gorgeous winter night in the desert as we snuggled up in our scarves and gloves. The sunset was breathtaking as it changed the Papago Buttes into a postcard. We needed a little hot apple cider (with rum, of course) to keep us warm as we discovered a new surprise around each corner. There were jazz bands and country bands and a very cool guy (who said that he was recently nominated for a Grammy) that played instruments from all over the world. He even had one that sounded exactly like the ocean and depending how fast or slowly you moved it you could hear crashing waves or just a bit of water washing up on the shore. We discovered a tee pee with a Native American singer/storyteller outside and, being the well-trained Miraval ladies that we are, we ducked in to the tee pee for our own mini-sweat lodge, making a circle, saying a little prayer of thanks and finished up our walk singing Jingle Bells in perfect unison with a hundred people, accompanied by a hand bell choir.

Grabbed the last table at the bar at Eddie's House for Happy Hour galore. Can't wait for next year!

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