Friday, December 4, 2009

Rock Star

It took me a week, but it finally happened.

When I walked out of the Michael Jackson movie This Is It last week, I was inspired. Yeah, I was sad that he died, sad that I never got to see him in concert and sad that all of us fans led him to such craziness. But most of all, I loved the clothes. Michael looked so hip and all of the people around him at the rehearsals looked good, too. Not a boring outfit in sight. So I started a personal little mission to beef it up, no more dull, wear at least one thing every day that Michael would like. I fell in love with his Ed Hardy pants, black, cool designs and writing down the sides and told Shana on the way to the parking lot after the show that I wanted to get some of those. She shook her head and rolled her eyes. Shopping the next day, Black Friday, we ran into Marshall's and got spilt up. Suddenly Shana appeared in front of me holding the exact same Ed Hardy pants. She was cracking up as I bought them ($29.99!!!). The past week has involved a black velvet jacket, funky t-shirts, even a new one with gold grommets, lots of long lost scarves, high boots, dangly earrings, a bit more eyeliner than usual and I even dug out a zebra print purse that looked so cute when I bought it, but I have never had the guts to actually use. The compliments have been abundant. But, today. Today was the ultimate. Usually locked away in my office, this morning I was playing Nurse Lisa  when I put a sick mommy and her teen-aged daughter in an exam room to wait. I could tell that the girl gave me the once-over with my jeans, boots and red jacket, chunky jewelry and big, big shiny hair leftover from last night's way overdue cut, color and highlights extravaganza. Shawn went in and did his thing and must have mentioned the whole wifey issue, because as the two were leaving, the mom smiled, nodded toward her daughter and said, "She thinks you look too much like a rock star to be married to him."

Ha! Shawn's usually the Rock Star around this place. Well, not today.

Thanks MJ.

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