Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Are you open or closed?

I drove to yoga tonight, slinking slowly down McDonald Drive looking up at the Praying Monk as the sky turned pink - sort of a "Life is Good" moment. The lessons continued as Mary talked about being open vs. closed. Are we waiting for something to complete us? Love? Money? Success? Or are we open to all that we already have and able to avoid a lot of suffering? So tonight, we opened up. We did the crane pose and the lizard pose, we did the splits, almost (ungracefully). We even laughed a lot.

I walked outside into a beautiful night, bright, full moon in a definitely open wide sky, thankful to my yoga friends, thankful for Mary, thankful that it's not snowing and drove home with the windows, guess what? Open.

P.S. Yoga tip of the day: Shoulders far away from head, all the time, no matter what you're doing, head up, up, up.

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