Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sculptures Under The Stars

The incredible Dr. Franny and the Workshop gang (Workshop) threw a big party for some of us who have helped throughout the year (even though we should be thanking them!). It was a great year and Fran told me how she keeps hearing wonderful stories of how the the kids continue to move into the community, spreading the lessons learned over the summer.We gathered at fellow Workshop parent Jeff Zinchke's home/studio. Wow. What a guy. I have driven by his house at least a hundred times (right on 64th and Cholla) and always wondered what kind of crazy person lives in there and how angry the neighbors must be due to all of the funky lawn sculptures. But after tonight, both Shawn and I are ready to move in. Check out his website for just a taste of his work (lots of public art around town and all over the new W hotel). He goes a mile a minute, describing all of his pieces from paintings, wood sculptures, umbrellas, furniture and so much more. I would love to fill our house with his art. There are works in so many different mediums, just like at workshop, so many different kids and leaders, interacting in an extraordinary way that somehow, in the end, makes total sense.

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