Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Call of Duty

Usually Shawn's a sort of quiet, nice, even in touch with his feminine side kind of guy. But plug him in to Call of Duty and he's a lean, mean killing machine. The new game comes out today and he's been talking about it for weeks (I probably could have  gone down to the store between midnight and 1 and surprised him with a fresh, hot off the presses copy, but waiting around with all those weirdos would have been too much). He has "friends" that he plays with online (there are thousands and thousands on at any given time, people) and they talk about all kinds of stuff, like everybody knows that our cat is sick. A lot of the guys have taken the day off work today for a marathon play date, while Shawn had to go play doctor instead. He'll have to wait 'til five like the rest of the civilized warriors. Best Buy opens up at 9am and he'll be there. He's got his pre-purchased empty box right by the door, ready to go fill up.

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