Monday, November 9, 2009

Super Trooper

My baby's sick. Lotus has had two ten-hour days of "flushing" in the past four days through an IV in a florescent-lit vet office, shaved and poked and prodded and needled and x-rayed. She's doing better, lab wise, and has been invited back for an overnight slumber party (for another $1000). More flushing, more needles, two more long car rides. But I'm turning down the invite, even though I feel like a cheap, cold-hearted mommy. I can't do any more to her. She didn't eat anything at all yesterday and today she made it through a bit of a can. We're shoving pills down her poor sore throat twice a day and making her swallow a big glob of high calorie paste every one to two hours. I've got water bowls all over the house and an extra litter box in the living room, just in case. She still loves to be brushed, purring, purring, purring when I even get close to her with it. But other than that, she justs wants to sleep. No more cars, Lotus. Okay? No more needles. How about just a lot more brush?

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