Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nick Cave

Nick Cave, former Alvin Ailey dancer and creator of the Soundsuit exhibit at SMOCA (it's free on Thursdays, definitely take the kids ), was in town tonight and showed us his work, talking about his inspirations, how he collects his materials, how he runs his studio. The guy is amazing. Really. (And I'm not the only one that thinks so, after a long, long introduction about all of his awards and exhibits, the guy is officially a BFD). He started making his soundsuits as a reaction to the Rodney King beatings. Tonight he showed us a new project he is working on with regard to Barack Obama. Nobody said anything, but I saw a powerful connection, sort of coming full circle, on this day, the one year anniversary of Obama becoming the most powerful man on earth. There was music and a lot of creatures from the center of the universe dancing and making noise. Beautiful.

Shawn and I then checked out Modern Steak, the new Fox restaurant in the center of our universe (Mr. Fox himself was even there). The place is swanky with a capital S. Great food, totally un-run-of-the-mill decor and some really cool music. Yummy, doll.

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