Thursday, November 26, 2009

This Is It

don't stop 'til you get enough...

The voice, the dance moves, the unbelieveable perfectionism. I grew up with Michael, knew every word, tried to Moonwalk, had his posters on the ceiling and the first thing I thought about when he died was, shoot, I wish I had seen him in concert. Well, tonight, I got as close as I'll ever get. Went with the gang, plus Shana's BF Jordan and his bro and sis after a Thanksgiving feast. He was days away from heading to Europe for an unprecedented 50 sold-out shows before he died. The concert would have been incredible judging from this behind-the-scenes documentary. The music, the dancing, the short movies, the special effects - amazing. And Michael? Down to every last detail, every last note, every last hip thrust he was on it. I kept thinking that maybe this was a better way to go out, giving us a glimpse at the real genius, the real brain behind the unreal face. This Is It.

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