Sunday, November 8, 2009

Social Butterfly

Fall Social. Once a year my neighborhood has a social. A block party. A little wine, cheese and socializing with all the folks we wave to as we drive by the rest of the year. It's where do you live? Which one? Kids? No kids? How many trick-or-treaters? 4.5% refi...good job! High appraisal...looks like things are turning around in the 'hood. It's fun to connect and reconnect with the old-timers and the newbies. We always seem to congregate with the regulars, though, with the ones next door or across the street or the ones we see every day while we're walking the dogs. The questions are more's Shana doing in Tucson? How's the remodel? Thanks for the email, it was hilarious. Then good-bye, see you tomorrow, or see you next year.

We kept socializing in the neighborhood down the street with a double date with Shannon and Steve at Tandoori Times. More wine (well, Kingfisher beer) and more cheese (the Indian kind, slathered in sauce) and more of the next-door neighbor kind of questions - how are the kids, the house, the parents, the cat, the job, the tandoori? Good, good, good, good, good and good.

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