Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I've never really thought about dragonflies before. I've always liked them and I even have a sticker of one on my keyboard at work for some reason. There's a cute, ladies-who-lunch, Dragonfly Cafe down the street from me and, of course, the great, sort of outer-spacey Blondie song from the 80s. But tonight in yoga, we learned how dragonflies work, how they evolve from tiny underwater "mud nymphs" into beautiful flying creatures. Not ones to ever waste a metaphor, our unusually small, just us girls, class focused on their (our) never-ending spiral of learning, constantly striving to grow to the next stage and how, no matter how hard we try, sometimes realizing that it's those quiet people around us that seem to figure it out more quickly. So tonight's new trick - handstands up the wall. Next week - flying.


  1. Dragonflies aren't learning. They know.

  2. yeah - and you're one of those quiet people that just figures it out more quickly