Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shaving Face

For years I thought Shawn was just happy to have perfected the whole three day stubble look. Walk around like a Stud Man. Mr. Cool Dude. Turns out, the guy was scared. Escaping the heat one lunch hour, we strolled into The Art of Shaving. Who knew? An entire store dedicated to men's shaving! Greeted by the manager, a quiet, impeccably coiffed gentleman, who felt the fear and moved in slow. Shawn opened up like Woody Allen on a therapist's couch. The razor burns, the cuts, the bumps, the time. He went on and on while Mr. Art of Shaving listened. They tested. They toured. They smelled. They learned. After bonding, Shawn's new BFF took his hands, oiling, exfoliating, lathering, moisturizing, badger brush brushing, rinsing, patting dry. Pat. Don't ever rub. It was beautiful. I felt like I was reading Fifty Shades of Grey again. A half hour and one card swipe later, the $25 starter kit was ours, lovingly wrapped in tissue paper for the now fearless shaver who can't make it to day three of stubble anymore, happily achieving soft-as-a-baby's-cheeks cheeks that just beg to be smooched.

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  1. Genius concept for a store, right? I've got to get my scratchy-faced guy in there!