Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jammie Jammin'

Faced with a half-day of work before jetting off to NYC for an Aunt Amy/U of A roomies rendezvous, Shana opted for a work-at-home morning. PJs, purring cat, pool view, 7:50 wake-up - life is good. But not too good. I tempted her with a pre-flight am pedi, but she turned me down flat. No, I'm working. And work she did. The other day, after a few weeks getting the hang of things with the new job, Shana announced that she's really making a difference at the company. And now I see why. As I fired up my own side-by-side laptop to start typing away,
I kept spying on her more interesting list. Organizing with her co-workers, checking off to-dos, emailing clients, proofing ethics videos - even some in Chinese! The kid rocked it 'til noon. Changing the world for the better. Or at least her little part of it.

Then we got our toes done.

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