Saturday, July 7, 2012

Life in the Cloud

Look, there's a medical chart on our TV in the family room - taking working from home to a whole new level. These days, Shawn can even cruise into an exam room with an iPad and type away on that without having to turn his back on anybody. A couple of weeks ago we sent in our first prescription electronically right from a patient's chart, Cloud calling Costco, beautiful, clearing the way for me to finally start collecting the data I've been waiting for over a year to do. I still hate our software company. I still fight with them every single day, making the past year a stormy one and the summer one big hot mess. So let's focus on the good things like being able to log in from home. And, to remind me to be nice on the brand new, at least they're trying, but where have they been for the past year, problem resolution system the software dummies put in place 7/1, my password is: Smilennod1. So as I watch my list of requests get smaller and smaller, slowly, slowly, I'm hoping to get through this transition without an electronic script for blood pressure or anxiety meds flying through cyberspace with my name on it.

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