Thursday, July 12, 2012

Water, Water, Water

Figuring I wouldn't be getting to the beach anytime this summer, Watercise at the beautiful Franciscan Renewal Center seemed like a little consolation prize.

It worked.

Floating in the water, watching clouds roll over my beloved Camelback Mountain, immersed with a group, young and old, from all over the world, totally down to earth with not a North Scottsdale fake boob or Botox in the bunch. Beautiful. Susan, the instructor, has been teaching there forever and just got back from a month at a yoga retreat in the Virginia mountains and shared lots of her wisdom. We stretched, we moved, we breathed, we balanced (wow - tree pose is soooo much easier with a few hundred gallons of water holding you up!), we got all comfy and did a deep meditation, somehow trusting that all anyone needs is a couple of pool noodles to just let it all go.

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