Monday, January 9, 2012

WOW - War on Women

I got called a baby killer today.

Weird, because there I was, quietly walking along the sidewalk with my baby, alive and well.
It must have been my pink shirt. OMG lady! How judgmental was she? And if it wasn't for the orangey-suntan shade of her panty hose in her sensible shoes, I would have said something. But you just can't talk to people like that. I wanted to tell her just because I'm Pro-Choice doesn't mean I'm Pro-Abortion. Nobody's Pro-Abortion. We Choosy peeps need a new slogan anyway. How can you win going up against Pro-Life? We should be the REALLY, REALLY Pro-Lifers! We want babies. We love babies.
I was one of the lucky babies. I had a cool mom. A smart dad. Zero creepy uncles or asshole boyfriends. A high school sex-ed teacher. A good head on my shoulders. Health insurance. Most kids aren't so lucky and that's why I went to the walk today. Showed a bit of support. Stood there with my awesome Pink Ladies.

So take off your pantyhose and go spend some time with a teen-ager or two if you really do care. It's not just about bumper stickers and voting. Help her. Talk with him. Give them just a tiny bit of education so we don't have to keep meeting like this.

Plus, I bet pink's your color.


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