Saturday, January 14, 2012


Someone should have warned me - Don't marry a younger guy.

Hard, I know, at nineteen to actually find one, but I did. The other day we were driving to work. Well, I was driving to work, young thang next to me was complaining about my driving. It's the first thing to go, I guess. The reflexes. The vision. The concern about other people on the road. My morning friend Beth on the radio started talking about couples. Is he hotter than you? What does one do when your spouse ages better than you? Stick to dark bars? Don't go out? I looked over at Mr. Sunshine in the passenger seat. When he gets a grey hair, it's distinguished. A wrinkle, wise. So unfair.

Pretty soon, he'll probably make me drop him off in back where nobody can see.

A little song while we can still hear...

Maggie May

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