Thursday, January 26, 2012

Job Creator

Hi. I'm a Job Creator. There I am above creating jobs (obviously I need to pitch in more to the Pedicurist down the street, but I've been busy with end-of-the-year stuff). Our little company has four employees. Besides the four of us, I give a lot of money to Cox and immunization manufacturers and the City of Scottsdale and Staples and restaurants around town when we get hungry. Our patients come in and then go out into the neighborhood and spend money at pharmacies and x-ray facilities and Staples and restaurants around town when they get hungry, helping fellow Job Creators. Funny how that works. Seem to remember learnin' something about that in business school. And, oh, I pay my taxes. I have a CPA that puts up with my old pedicures and messy desk, but instead of going all Cayman Island on me, she makes me send in my fair share. Not a wimpy 13.9% like this guy.
Jeez. Look who's talking about handouts and lowering taxes for the wealthy so we'll get more Job Creators. Please. He rakes in over $50,000 a day (YES, A DAY!!) and the only jobs he has created for the past couple of years are for four cleaning ladies to dust and vacuum his various homes, paying them each about $5,000. 

At that rate, hopefully he threw in a few pedicures.

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