Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Knockers Up!

If Rusty Warren could see us now...

she'd fit right in.

The Knockers Up gang gathered at the little 'ol PV ranch house, built by Rusty in the early seventies and totally transformed into a right-out-of-a-magazine stunner by the amazing Anne. Every corner in the 5,000 plus place was full of yet another creative surprise. She gave us the tour, told us the secrets (like about all the parties there where Liberace played the piano) and we watched out for the spirits as the Knockers Up CD played in the background. In preparation for our bash, Leanne swooped over to Rusty's current digs in Hawaii last month and got some first-hand gossip, a glimpse at a wall of Who's Who head shots from back in Las Vegas and a great time watching a fun broad relive her glory days.

Speaking of fun broads, I'm pretty sure the 2012 version of the Knockers Up club will keep the stories coming, too.

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