Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's All Greek

Heads are spinning in spin city.  During a particularly newsie week, I ventured outside my calm NPR, New York Times middle of the road box and tuned into the fringe. First up on the left - Ed Schultz. Usually so cool, fighting for the little guy, full of facts and common sense, Ed. But this week he lost it. Should have renamed show Begging for Barack. Screaming. Pleading for some respect for the Prez, a little credit, folks. Instead of giving out any actual news, it just felt creepy, like I walked in on some clandestine locker room manly love fest. As an Obama groupie, this was too much even for me. I wondered what could be going on on the other side to push this guy over the edge. Then came Fox News. Stuck in a Coffee Plantation waiting for a friend, there was a post-debate "focus group." OMG. The interviewer kept asking, "Do you believe Obama is a socialist?" OK, everybody raise your hand if you think Obama is a socialist. Socialist. Socialist. Socialist. Scrolling at the bottom of the screen...Obama is a Socialist. And what about Bin Laden? Does anybody here really care about that anyway? I mean, we all know Dubya was the guy that got him. Right? Raise your hands, people! Up, up, up. Let's see 'em. The world is watching.

I got home and opened the next book on the list - Cleopatra - inside quote by Euripides.

Man's most valuable trait is a judicious sense of what not to believe.

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  1. Right after we had lunch I somehow got a right wing email "re-examining" the President's birth certificate. Some really crazy stuff. Unsubscribe, delete.