Friday, May 20, 2011

So Vein

Veins have always freaked me out. Just the thought of having my blood drawn pushes me over the edge. Throw in a big jugular on a movie screen or an old big, blue veiny hand and I can't even look. In my twenties, after several years of standing in retail jobs, I got an ugly half dollar sized dark splotch on my thigh. Shawn was working in a Dermatology office and his boss injected it. The shots hurt like hell, but in a few days the splotch disappeared. I figured I was home free. But now I'm covered. Big veins popping out of my hands and feet. Blue lines running down my legs. Seems like every time I look, something new appears. I hear they don't even do the injections anymore and the latest thing is vein stripping. Vein stripping? Just thinking about that one makes me nauseous. New solution - quit looking.

No vein, no vain.

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