Monday, May 30, 2011

Hey Jealousy

Shana's ex BF wants to date one of her current friends/future (August) roommate. And the feeling's mutual. Shana said no. What are the rules? She says it's not about jealousy. Says it's about right and wrong. Ethics. Just shouldn't go there. And I believe her. She's moved on. Got a new guy. Even made it Facebook "in a relationship" Official the other day. But she's the one that dumped the old guy. Twice. Broke the kid's poor heart over a year ago. Even after that they have been able to remain friends. Isn't that against the rules? I've been married so long sometimes I guess I forget. Forget the bad break-ups, pushing instead for the always works "I have some bad news. Today's your last day" speech and being able to move on, focus on the good times and live the rest of your life unscathed. Is that possible? Shana says my rules include supporting her no matter what. Being on her side always. And I am.

But after part-time mom-ing the ex for a few years, I'm rooting for a little happiness for him too.

Favorite Gin Blossoms song - Hey Jealousy

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