Sunday, May 29, 2011

Much Ado About Movie Madness NIGHTS

Shakespeare in Scottsdale on another perfect courtyard Sunday night with Louise and Jaye and petite ya yas Kenzie and Shana for a pre-show much ado about drinks and tapas and blood tests and FICO scores and somebody else's flirty fiance. Who would have thought that we would get all the way through May with sweater-weather, open-windows nights? Ol' Will kept us laughing as cute men in billowing white shirts, beautiful women in corsets, breasts heaving, ran around in the beautiful Italian countryside. Even bad boy Keanu was there to try to ruin the day. Way back when, way before Speed, way before he got all Matrix-y, I used to have a little crush (mostly due to his overwhelming acting abilities). I recall even driving all the way to LA one weekend to see his really bad band Dogstar play (he touched my arm!!) But love prevailed on the big screen and we all left smiling.

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