Monday, May 16, 2011

Culture Shock

I was rocking out to the latest Nicki something or other song and shouted to Shana, "Don't you just love this part?" She said, "Never heard of it." She's been out of touch. That's what she gets for skipping town for a few months. She missed the music, the bed, the Elizabeth Taylor, the weather, the food, the car. Once home, she realized she didn't miss the tipping. Or the US drinking age. I missed the ditching work to go mother-daughter brunching, walking to the lake, pedicures, snuggling, movies, opening her door to see a bunch of kids piled in her bed. She taught me some new Spanish dance moves as I played the new song louder and it was just like old times.

1 comment:

  1. That PIC says it all, eh? I experienced Culture Shock after a few vacaitons from Toronto to Los Angeles. At first, it was great! No snow! Then one day it hit 45C in L.A. The person hosting me turns on the heater at 18C, because it's 'too cold'! I can wear a T-Shirt comfortably down to 12C, and then only need a lumber-shirt over it down to 5C. I'm still reeling... Not I hate Jan & Feb in Toronto... -10C. But when it's hotter than 26C, I don't like it either! The hosting person can't seem to understand that!