Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Book Club - A Walk in the Woods

Life is like the Appalachian Trail and book club is that thank God there's a hotel one Wednesday night a month along the path where you can go and wash off all the grime, sit in a soft, safe place and know no bears can get you for the next few hours. Oh, and there's food, too. How glad am I that I have friends that can cook? Homemade bread, a vegetarian feast - Gorgonzola arugula pasta, pine nut pesto pasta salad, veggie tray - we're talkin' huge artichokes, baby bella marinated mushrooms, adorable radish flowers, lots more, homemade dips, and a juicy, juicy dessert spread. Yay Cathy! We played musical chairs by candlelight, missing the pool, skipping the book, of course, but covering politics, birth certificates, toupees, Tennessean Muslims, the asshole brother and brother-in-law, the new tats, the Easter Hop, the please don't move to Denver, the boundaries, the better than Prozac shuffle, the up way too late on a perfect Arizona patio night. Now I'm all clean and full and ready to get back on the trail.

Also got through this month: The Tiger's Wife

 and Blood, Bones & Butter

Both great reads...

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